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His ancient lineage tracing its way through lions and tigers is obvious as he skulks around the backyard, ready to pounce upon some unsuspecting mouse or mole.  I fear for these tiny creatures for I’ve seen what he does to them in his fits of mighty feline ferocity.  He plays with them so that you think first of his playfulness and his clear benevolence.  You are lulled into believing he is but a fluffy ball of play and antics.  And then, you turn your face away in squeamishness as you see that he is a wild animal cloaked under the guise of benign house cat.  The evidence is before you, right there on your deck, splayed out for all the world – and your babies – to see.  He eats these creatures and is slow in doing so.  He seems to relish the drawing out of the process and his cruelty is just a bit shocking, for you love this creature.  He snuggles with you in your bed at night as you read.  He plays with your children and they cry when he doesn’t come in at night, for they love him so much.  You want to avert your eyes from this side of your orange little friend because his baser instincts are hard to reconcile with the cutely endearing fluffiness of his tail.