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People!  There was romance!  Romance right in our backyard!  We were all abuzz with the excitement of it for who doesn’t like to play a part in the unfolding of a love story?  Especially a love story that still shines from the newness of it.  We were lucky enough to have a friend of a friend approach us to see if he could use a little portion of the woods behind our house to create an outdoor Starbucks.  You see, he needed one so that he’d have an appropriate venue in which to ask his girlfriend to marry him.   He and his beloved had met in a Starbucks, dated quite extensively in a Starbucks and so he wanted to close the deal in a Starbucks. 

His was a singularly lovely Starbucks, strung from tree to tree with fairy lights.  There was a customized pricing board that told the story of his love alongside the drink prices.  There were tables and chairs and overstuffed cosy chairs.  There was the coffee bar and there were Starbucks signs.  There was an elaborate espresso machine and he used it to play the role of barista to the thirty or so loved ones that joined them after the lovely young girl responded in her happy affirmative.  I thought all his care and nervous planning was a gift to behold and our family felt lucky to witness such a display of love.  I have little doubt that she’ll remember that day all the rest of her life.  Someday she can tell her children all about it.  Check out the blog of the lucky girl in question; her take on things is far more personal and comprehensive.  Plus there are more pictures!