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Well hi there! Where have you been? Oh right; it was me who vanished for well neigh two months just then. My apologies. It couldn’t be helped. I’ve been very busy and it’s been very sunny. I had a lot of languid basking to do and of course my kids were home for the summer. There’s all that and plus I was just pleasantly overtaken by an enormous yellow laziness.  It was so warm in the middle of all that lazy and I didn’t have the heart to resist.

Having my kids home with me for the summer is one of my life’s great and resounding joys.  I love the near complete lack of scheduling.  I love that we lounge around in our pajamas until 10:30 if we feel like it.  I love the little cottage we rent at the lake and the fact that I don’t have to clean it at the end of our two weeks there.  Summer is chock-a-block full of things and people I love.

I should mention that I never love the first week of summer.  I don’t know why but we always need that first week to find our new, summer bearings.  I invariably call a family meeting where we go over behavioral expectations because those same expectations have most conspicuously not been met over the course of the first few days together.  They’re snippish with one another.  Fighting and bickering seem to bring them some joy.  It takes them a while before they get in their groove.  I’ve never understood this and maybe doing so is only for the wiser mothers among us.

However, they’re all tucked into their respective classes now and I can feel in my bones that it’s going to be a beautiful year.  They all speak highly of the teachers slotted to care for them and I can hear in their voices at the end of a day that school has once again become that safe ‘home away from home.’  They’re happy and tired and hungry when I pick them up and what’s more, I have time again to blog. 

I’ve missed you cyberfriends.  I appreciate those among you who faithfully checked in at varying points in my bloggily fruitless summer to check on me.  Thank you for that.  And now, I’ll try to check in a little more regularly myself.