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I’m 38 years old and my bones are creaky. You can hear my knees complain as I squat down to take clothes out from the dryer. Next month I’ll be 39. The years accumulate alarmingly as they swirl past me, so clearly beyond my control. It seems like just yesterday I was 26 and I had all the energy in the world.  Of course I didn’t recognize my abundance of energy for the gift that it was back then; I assumed that everyone else had it too.

Now, I feel better and happier inside my own head and I suppose if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick inside-of-the-head wholeness.  However, I’d really love both, but that mystical combo doesn’t seem to be mine to grasp these days.  My lower back plagues me with a deep and quality-of-life-altering pain when I mop or vacuum and sometimes even when I don’t.  I’ve lived with chronic migraines since I was eight years old.  Thankfully, in this age of medicinal technology, I now have multiple new drugs to reach for in combatting these Tormentors.  I have GERD and so my tummy sometimes hurts, even despite the fact that my husband has raised the head of our bed as per the experts’ instructions. 

And now, I have some new bodily-faux-pas things to contend with.  My hips ache and the Iliotibial Bands outside of my knees hurt and more recently, my left tibia has risen up largely to be my most pressing concern.   I’ve ramped up my running and for the first time in my life, I’ve begun to train for a real race.  I have to say that I have loved the process and perhaps more than that, the mental place my thoughts now occupy.  I finally feel like a real runner. 

I’ve identified myself with the running community for about 14 1/2 years now, give or take the occasional hiatus stemming from injury recovery or outright laziness.  But mostly, my running life has looked a lot like oooo, it’s raining; I think I’ll stay inside by the fire instead type running.  I was averaging maybe three runs a week and I’d max out at 11K on a really industrious day.  So to have a real, tangible goal to work toward has been incredibly rewarding and fun for me.

Today’s picture shows me on my front step as I arrived home after completing my very first 21 kilometers.  My ever-photographically-faithful Anabel snapped a victory photo for me; you can see me here with my cute little Lucy Girl.  I’m really pretty stoked and I find I hardly notice the creaky knees.  There are so many other, cooler things to occupy my aged thoughts.