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Have you ever been sitting there, minding your own business, when an ancient song begins to play and you find yourself sitting there in a wash of unexpected – perhaps even foreign for these modern times – emotion?  The Cutting Crew song (I Just) Died in Your Arms just found me this morning in this same predicament.  Every ounce of teenaged angst I’d ever languished in (and I assure you – I did just that) found me again in this moment, staking its greedy claim on my startled heart. 

I’m not all that used to free-flowing teenaged angst anymore.  I can’t say I liked our re-introduction excessively.  Feeling its noxious surge made me realize anew how much I like being a grown-up.  I love how grown-ups need not care what the World thinks of them.  I love how grown-ups don’t go around dying in other people’s arms.  I love the security of knowing life is stable and happy and good.  I love the never having to wonder if that jackass boy likes me or not.  My boy likes me quite a lot and he’s rarely a jackass anymore.

So take heart, teenagers of the world, you will soon feel as though your skin fits you better and you will not linger in that land of insecurity forever.  Life gets a whole lot more yellow from here on in.  So just press on.  And forget about that jackass boy.  You deserve far better than him anyway.