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I have a little thing for David Rocco.  Or for his food, rather.  Ahem.  He wonders why the Universe is so big on lasagna when the Universe’s said passion is to the exclusion of Baked Pasta.  It occured to me, reading his musings, that if he thought that, Italian foodie that he so obviously is, then who am I to question things?  I’m a British Columbian for Pete’s Sake.  I was also intrigued by the fact that the recipe featured eggplant.  It’s always bugged me that I didn’t know what to do with such a purple-ly attractive vegetable.  And so this and that led to this:


And of course it goes without saying that a little of this would be in order.  It is Italian cooking we’re talking about after all:

Messing about with it even further – but always remembering to practise one’s Geography – we do this:

Good citizens sigh quickly and then attend to these:

When it’s all done, you can turn off that prohibitively noisy fan above the stove and feast your eyes on this:

Just ignore that little smear of burned bit on the upper left part of that spectacularly gorgeous Le Creuset braiser and then go here to check out the more professional version of this recipe.  We really liked it.