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We went to an indy sort of concert the other night and were all spellbound as we sat there in the darkened, just-a-bit-grungy theatre.  We were there to see a trio of women who frequently sing acapela, their voices are just that crystalline.  Their three perfectly varying voices swirled around the 400 or so of us in the obscure little theatre, which none in our party had ever heard of, though we’ve lived in this neck of the woods for a good long time now.  The first time they opened their mouths came to be embedded – in my mind – as one of those perfect moments that reminds you of the good Heavenly place you’re hoping to end up when all is said and done.  Listening to their first songs was like freezing still in the forest as you gape at the most beautiful bird you fear will leave you forever should it suspect for an instant that you are there.  I didn’t want to move for fear of ruining things.  They were so much better thanI know how to say.  Enough about me and more about them!  Since of course I have no idea how to embed a YouTube video, I hope you’ll click on the link here to hear these almost surreal women for yourself.  They are lovely.

The Wailin Jennys