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We’ve done this before but my bones tell me it’s high time to do it again. I’m dying of curiosity to know what treats you’ve got hiding there in your fridge.  Plus I’ve discovered a few new FANTASTIC! things! that I simply must tell you about.

Post half marathon, I’ve been overindulging like it’s gone out of style.  I thought perhaps this post might be enough to prompt me to give my head the clichéd shake it so desperately needs to become sensible once more.  So keep that in mind as you read of the current treats that lurk in my fridge.  This eating frenzy cannot go on any longer.  But for posterity’s sake, here you have it:

1)  Anchovy paste in a tube (have you tasted this most delicious concoction?  You must do so immediately.  It makes everything taste delicious.  But for dessert items.  You could try, though I probably won’t.)

2)  Capers – a non-negotiable.  I buy them in bulk and they don’t last long.

3)  Olives of course, but I’ve recently expanded my olivarian horizons to include brined Kalamatas. 

4)  I was just about to type Feta Cheese, but then I realized what a salty dog doing so would make me seem.  So – apples.

5)  Truly, green apples.  I eat at least one a day.

6)  Vast amounts of pre-diced garlic.  I know, I know.  I should press my own. 

7)  Cream for my coffee (1/2 and 1/2 if I’m trying to be responsible and sometimes whipping cream if I’m not)

8)  China Lily soya sauce.  I know it’s not authentic, but it’s one of those rare cases where I insist upon this brand in particular.

9)  Wild rice to mix in with our other grain for the evening.  It’s too expensive to eat plain, but if I could justify it, I would.  I adore the stuff.

10)  Some sort of spicy pickle concoction.  Right now, I’m partial to pickled asparagus from Costco.


How about you?