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Lady Lucy held a high tea to usher in her eleventh year.  I thought of you, cyberfriends, as the festivities unfolded and prioritized a few shots that preserved the young ladies’ anonymity.  For your viewing pleasure:

Here you can see them industriously styling their dolls’ hair.  A quick trip to the dollar store ensured that there were hair accessories to last them eons.  I think this shot of their little girl finery is so sweet: 

Every time I look at this next photo, I find myself salivating.  You can find the recipe for it here.  Many thanks to my foodie sister Jody for passing it along.  You can see that I went about decorating my cake a little differently, less because I’m so creative and more because I couldn’t find any hard peppermint candies in the Christmas off season.  Any way you slice it (ha!  my own hilarity kills me!), it was a delicious, delicious cake.  You may have to squeeze your eyes shut in intentional ignorance as you eat it if you’re like me and have trouble wrapping your beleagered brain around all that red food coloring you’re feeding yourself and your loved ones.  But if you squeeze tightly and ignorantly enough, you can glut yourself into a sugar-induced oblivion on this:

Suffice it to say that high times were had at the High Tea.