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I like quirky. I like my house to embody what I’ve dubbed the “what the hell? factor.” As in, what the hell IS that? and where the HELL did you get it?  Though I wouldn’t  judge another for shaping their own living spaces around it, I’m not drawn personally to the posh hotel room look, where everything slides along cohesively in varying tasteful tones of taupe.  Here’s a little sampling of some spaces that I think defy the cookie-cutter-as-decorating-tool mentality, which feels like anathma to me:

Aren’t they quirky?  Aren’t they fabulous?  My house and environs are a long way off from completely replicating the cool quotient these decor photos embody, but they are a sampling of what I shoot for.  I love odd.  I love off-the-beaten-path.  I love unique.  My next post will show some of my very own quirk.  See you then!