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Ok. I hate to do it cause publicizing these hurts my dignity, but here they are, before I change my mind and allow my fear of failure to rear it’s ugly head:

  1.  Re-subscribe to an organic grocery delivery service.
  2.  Do two more 1/2 marathons this year, creaky and not-always-cooperative body allowing.
  3.   Do a lot of running for joy in between.
  4.   Do strength training.  Once per week.
  5.  Take a cooking class.
  6.   Read my Bible in a noticeably more frequent manner.
  7.   Eat breakfast regularly.
  8. Play board games at least once/month with my kids, for though I hate board games to almost the very core of my being, my children feel very differently.
  9. Buy tickets to some exotic and mind-expanding event like the symphony or the opera.  I miss things like this so very much.
  10. Press on with my book, even on days where I don’t feel like it.
  11. Right along those lines, I will waste less time meandering aimlessly around the Internet this year.

How about you?  Where do you plan to grow?  Do you know of any fascinating events that you can recommend so as to help me meet # 9?  Happy New Years.  You are a wonderful person.  Thanks for continuing to read.