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Well, my littlest buddy has seen me do a lot of food blogging of late. He feels that he’d like to get in on some of this titillating action with a recipe of his own! He’s the resident expert on bananas (recently he announced triumphantly that he’d eaten SEVEN bananas on the day in question!) and more particularly on a little recipe of his own devising – Banana Pudding.  He’s typed it out himself for your culinary pleasure and hopes that your kids will enjoy it as much as he does.  He adds that this recipe is perfect for bananas that threaten to be overripe.  He’s so cute it sometimes stings my eyes.

  1. Put a banana into a bowl
  2. Get a fork and mash up the banana
  3. Get a spoon and some penut butter
  4. Put the spoon full of penut butter into the banana bowl
  5. Get your fork and mix it up [this is tricky!]
  6. Eat it![ It is really good!]