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I’m so excited.  According to the training schedule provided by the Running Room, my half marathon training is now underway.  Someone recently asked me if knowing that made my heart sink, and I was delighted to report that the very opposite is true.  I’ve come to terms over the years with knowing that bio-mechanically, I’m not really built to be a long-distance runner (can you say spacious, child-bearing hips, anyone?).  In fact, at a recent physical, my doctor told me so once more, reinforcing what I’d already come to expect, given the daunting number of injuries my body succumbs to as I run and run and then run.

But thankfully I’m now older and wiser and I know a thing or two more about not pushing myself when I feel little twinges that threaten to be not so little.  I’m beginning to have a sense for which twinges are potential injuries and which are just that – twinges to be run through.  I’m diligently cross-training this time around and I’m fitter this time.  The sun is beginning to shine around here and the blue blue sky is like a draught of water to my parched and wizened winter soul.  Tis the season for running.  And I’m so glad.

My running group meets on Sundays, usually at 3:00, though we switch it around for kicks sometimes.  If you ever want to join us, it would make me so happy.  Just let me know and I’ll get you all the deets.  We’re shooting for a May 26 1/2 marathon this time and you’ll love it so much.  The sunshine will make your skin prickle.