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Here are some of my own things that I love and that embody said decorating penchants from a previous post. This wonderful little thing is a gift from my discerning sissy, who knows me so well. In one fell swoop, it captures both my love for antiques and quirk. It is an antique chamber pot! And here it is:

Here are my composer fridge magnets. I love them:

Here is my Bible verse chalkboard from the main bathroom. My smart friend Rhonda is the clever force behind the idea:

Here are some funky vintage chalkboards I just bought from a local vendor called Birch and Bird.

Here is our church pew which two of the four kids sit on at dinnertime:

Here’s the container where some of JoyBoy’s thousands of enormous shoes are supposed to go:

Do you have any quirky decorating or storage solutions that you can suggest?  I’m always looking for cool and unique ways to reduce clutter.  Also, does anyone know how to de-piggify certain atrociously messy children?  I’d be so grateful to learn this elusive parenting tip.  In the meantime, though, have a great day!