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I’ve been unusually blessed with good friends and I don’t know why.  Sometimes when I’m with them, I sit back – quietly for a moment – in the middle of it all, good talking and laughing swirling around me and I feel like I’m watching something outside of my own life.  That’s how good it feels, these deepening old friendships.  Like a shiver that isn’t really a shiver that runs up and down your spine with the good and solid deepness of it.  I feel like the addition of us to each other makes something more beautiful than would otherwise come of the composite parts. 

I’m still languishing in the warmth of a time together with two of my friends and I’m struck by how whole and humble they both are.  They hear things about themselves that might, in another context, sting just a little, but they hear these things with grace because they know that you’ve got their back and that you love them.  They’ll tell you which pants you simply must throw into the garbage upon the instant because they want you to look as nice as you can and they know that your bum is capable of looking better than that.  Because being whole is a pivotal part of who they are, they wish you and everyone well because there is no room for scarcity amongst this sort of friend.  They buy you little notebooks with birds on them for no reason and they buy you your favorite Starbucks drink just because they think you deserve it on that day.  Their hair is shiny and you like to look at it as they talk because it’s distractingly swingy.  They smell nice because they use three squirts of perfume and you laugh as they try to convince you that two squirts just isn’t enough.  More than that, they tell you about a secret place you can go to buy your favorite perfume for a silly price so that from now on you can justify the three.  They are convinced that you are worth three.  They always have on a beautiful necklace that reminds you of secret childhood rocks you used to collect because they were so shiny and coveted.  They illustrate the word feminine with their swishy, shiny selves and it is warm where they are.  They help you to grow up, farther, better and faster than you were just moments before.