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Do you know what ministers to my soul?  Doing little girls’ hair.  I find therapy in brushing out long locks of sweet smelling little girl hair.  My own current little girl has long brown locks with hints of gold that you have to see in just the right light to spot.  Thankfully she loves to have me do it every bit as much as I love to do it.  She’s in Grade 5 now and this is the age where my former ‘little’ girl asked if she could heave up the mantle of her own hairstyling.  But this current little girl finds love in the aloneness of us together in my ensuite bathroom concocting new styles together and so every morning, she holds up the hair basket to me in a sort of secret gesture and without words, we go together and we brush and brush and somtimes braid.  I navigate around the feathers, cause she is flamboyant like that, and with each brushstroke I realize that I’m the luckiest woman alive.