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Well I should be ashamed of myself, don’t you think?  I don’t know how it’s happened, but somehow this blog has slipped by the wayside.  Or plummeted, rather.  I check in every now and then and find to my chagrin and shame that a faithful few of you continue to check in, and so undoubtedly the very least I can do for you good people is write a post every now and then, wouldn’t you say?  My problem of late is that I wait for lofty, important blog topics to rain down from Heaven itself and bonk me in the head.  And for lack of bonking, I go to Bikram yoga or grocery shopping instead.  So I’m going to try to just document the mundane.

Today I’m making chicken soup while it rains outside.  Life is good.  My kids are growing big.  It’s warm here, inside my kitchen.

Earlier this week, my husband was driving our littlest Little to school and was coaching him on how to make it great day, regardless of one’s circumstances.  He was in full-fledged pep-talk mode. Our Little interrupted and said, “But Dad, I don’t need to use that thing you taught me.  Because at school I have an army of fun and of joy!  All my friends at the playground and I do EPIC stuff!”  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all viewed life in such a light?  That happy little guy teaches me so much.Image

P.S.  My daughter found this Christmas card on the internet a while ago.  I dare you to look at it and not smile!  God bless you today, my Lovely Friend.