About Me


I’m the JoyGirl.  I’m a stay-at-home Mom who thoroughly enjoys the ride.   The care and nurture of my four young children is what I do and in the face of Society, who frequently assumes that I’m a) ultrareligious, b) uneducated or c) desperately rural, I cherish every day with each one of the four of them.  They make me laugh every day and they humble me every day.  I’ve often thought that an important prerequisite to being a Mom is to have a solidly great self-esteem and the all-important ability to laugh at oneself.  A story – from my repertoire of countless – that illustrates my point:  I was filling out an online questionnaire that friends often forward around to their friendship community.  In an effort to enlist some help, I asked my five year old to provide three adjectives that he felt described me best.  His enthusiastic and disconcertingly immediate response was, “Big!  Shaped like a mountain!  Plus you smell nice.”


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Andrew Nicoll said:

    Thanks for liking the book.it is an honour to find myself in such illustrious company.

    • If this is truly the Andrew Nicoll of The Good Mayor fame, I’m genuinely gobsmacked! Frankly, your book was probably my favorite from all those I read last year. I thought it was brilliant. Wow.

  2. you liked my lemon cake zesty blog and so i had to find out who you were. glad i did!! very glad, indeed. your writing is beautiful!!!

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